Queen of Sea and Stars by Anna McKerrow


Faye Morgan, a hereditary witch, moves away from her tiny coastal village in Scotland to London to be with her new boyfriend, Rav. But though she hopes she can live a normal life in a new city, her blood bond to the realms of faerie can’t be denied. With a faerie war brewing, can Faye realise her destiny and discover who she really is? A tale of faery magic, desire and modern witchcraft.

Who doesn’t like witches and all things fae?!

If, like me, these things are just your cup of tea then perhaps you’ll enjoy Anna McKerrow’s books. (The first in the series is Daughter of Light and Shadow)



These are definitely adult books, but are extremely fun to lose yourself in.

Anna has kindly provided a lot of material for this blog tour, and she has done a tarot reading to give us some insight into different areas of the book.



tarot 4

Pan and The High Priestess

These two cards (taken from The Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding) reflect the conflict at the heart of Faye Morgan’s story in Daughter of Light and Shadows and Queen of Sea and Stars: sex and magic, which are in fact separate sides of the same coin. Faye is half faerie and the call of faerie is strong in her blood. She yearns to find her place in the faerie world as well as the human one. Her relationship with Finn Beatha, High King of Murias, has been intensely sexual, and has given her great insight and access to a particular kind of faerie magic. Pan is the god of nature, of wild sex and revelry, typifying the life force in its most primal form. With Finn, Faye has experienced the kind of wildness Pan represents – and a wildness which is part of her, unrecognised until now.

On the other hand, The High Priestess represents Faye as witch, as lone, solitary woman running her witch shop Mistress of Magic up in a small coastal Scottish village. She is deeply wise and knowledgeable, having been taught traditional Scottish witchcraft by her grandmother and her mother. She’s also journeyed to the faerie kingdoms, found her way through the enchanted labyrinth of Murias, and learnt secret faerie magic. Over time, she will come to realise that the intellectual, psychic, emotional and physical are both parts of the whole of her magic.

Be sure to check out the other stops on the blog tour for more content from Anna.

Blog Tour - Queen of Sea and Stars

You can buy the books here, here and here.


Mera – Tidebreaker by Danielle Paige


Princess Mera is teenage royalty, heir to the throne of Xebel, an underwater colony ruled by Atlantis.  Her father and the entire kingdom are expecting her to marry and introduce a new king.  But Mera is destined to wear another crown….

Mera – Tidebreaker is a new graphic novel from imprint DC Ink, aimed at 13+ years.  It is an empowering story about activism, self discovery and young romance.  A relateable tale for today’s times when women of all ages are standing up for equality and what they believe in.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this graphic novel.  Stephen Byrne’s art style seems fairly classic when it comes to superhero comics and uses a limited colour palette of greens and blues to echo the underwater settings.  There are lovely pops of red for Mera’s hair, which really stand out.  The style and colour palette really appealed to me, and I found myself racing through this story.

As a newbie to DC in general (and someone who has not really come across Aquaman at all) I was concerned I would be a bit lost – but I was able to really enjoy the story and to get involved with the characters despite no prior knowledge of them.  I do think having the story presented in graphic novel format helped to immerse me into the world.  I will certainly be looking out for the next publications from the imprint (Under the Moon – Catwoman’s Tale comes out in May)

If you are a fan of DC, Aquaman, or a complete newbie wanting to learn more, I can thoroughly recommend this as a good read.




Sunny weather for running

What a brilliant few days we’ve been treated to over the last week!

I’ve been so glad to get out and run in the sunshine and run in the sunshine with my lovely running club buddies – how lucky we are to have such a beautiful place to run on our doorstep.

Warhammer Adventures

My brother was really into warhammer as a kid – although he did steer towards The Lord of the Rings as a preference.  I remember dropping him off at the warhammer shop and heading off for a day shopping with mum and leaving him to his own devices with his fellow warhammer enthusiasts.  I do distinctly remember at the time thinking that all that stuff was not for me!

However, having developed a taste for Science Fiction and Fantasy in my reading, I was keen to try out the first in two series of Warhammer Adventures aimed at 8-12 year olds.

WHA_40K_1_Mock up_3D

WHA_AOS_1_Mock up_3D (1)

These two adventures were so fun to read – its a perfect introduction to science fiction and fantasy, and a great way to perhaps encourage a reluctant reader to engage with the written word.  The illustrations add a whole new dimension and I really engaged with them as I was reading.

I am always incredibly curious to find out how writers write and to get an idea of where they do their work.  SO I am thrilled to be able to share some of the authors’ thoughts on that very subject!

Hello, I’m Cavan Scott and I’m the writer of the new Warhammer Adventures: Warped Galaxies series of junior novels.

I mainly write in my study, a tiny room packed full of toys and art. It means I’m surrounded by action figures, models, animation cells and things that inspire me or relate to things I’m working on. It also includes one of my prized possessions, a signed-photo of actor Roger Moore that peaks over one of my screens to encourage me to keep writing.

It’s a lot cosier than any of the worlds we meet in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. I think my favourite setting so far is in the third book of the series, Secrets of the Tau where we visit the Hinterland space station, a place filled with aliens of all shapes and sizes. It’s grimy, claustrophobic and dangerous. I can’t imagine anyone writing there!


I’m Tom Huddleston, author of the Warhammer Adventures: Realm Quest series of fantasy stories for younger readers.

I live in a tiny flat, but there’s just enough room for me to have my own dedicated writing space – just a desk, a chair and a computer. I’m hemmed in on all sides by books, posters and DVDs, but my window offers a beautiful view over one of London’s ‘magnificent seven’ cemeteries, Abney Park in Stoke Newington. This was highly inspirational when it came to writing some of the spookier scenes in my Realm Quest novels!

My favourite place to write about in the Warhammer universe has been Lifestone, the city I created for the first book in the series and the home of all my major characters. Once a grand, bustling metropolis, Lifestone has now fallen into disrepair, suffering under a mysterious curse that has drained all the joy and spirit from the city and its people. I’ve always loved ruins and tumbledown places, there’s such a deep sense of mystery to them. Hopefully the same applies to the city of Lifestone.

I hope you enjoyed the insight into the writer’s life from the authors of Warhammer Adventures, and that you might pick up a copy of one or both of them for a younger reader in your life – or yourself!

*I was kindly sent copies of the books for review from the publisher – thank you to them!  This does not influence my thoughts on the books*

Reading Resolutions 2019

Do any of you make resolutions surrounding specific areas of your life? I quite often do and find that after a while I’ve completely given up on them.

So this year I thought I might do quarterly goals instead – three months seems to be a more manageable time frame than the whole twelve months lumped together. It also means I can tweak goals or stop them altogether if they are not working after the quarter is up.

So here are my reading resolutions for the first quarter of 2019.

  1. To read from my shelves

This is fairly easy and self explanatory. I have a lot of unread books on my shelves, and I should really prioritise these over buying (and borrowing to a lesser extent) more. I often find that the excitement over a new book wears off very quickly, so unless I read it straight away (which I don’t tend to do for some reason), I get a bit less (a lot less) excited about it and the cycle continues!

2. Reread!

I regularly reread Harry Potter – this is a yearly thing for me – but I’d like to revisit more favourites from previous years. This is another easy one – I have the books on my shelves already, so I can easily pick them up again and re-enjoy them.

3. Read more non-fiction

I like reading non-fiction but don’t do it as much as I’d like or as much as I used to. My loose aim(no pressure here) is to perhaps read a non-fiction book for every two fiction titles I read. We’ll see – I’d just like to think and read about non-fiction a little bit more.

Hopefully splitting the year up into quarters will mean some goals will actually be achieved! And I can always carry goals over into the next quarter too if I am enjoying myself with them.

What are some of your goals for this year?